What do you sell? Physical products? The time it takes you to provide a service? Even if you think your customers know exactly what they can get from you, it’s always good to remind them. Are you a woodworker selling homemade planters and outdoor furniture? Perhaps you’re a physical trainer who helps people get into shape. Write a post about the product or service you specialize in. What is it that sets you apart from your competition? Price? Quality? Exceptional service? Be specific: make it easy for potential customers to understand why they should choose you. If you’ve got more than one product or service, you’ve got fodder for a series of posts to help fill your editorial calendar.Highlight FAQs — and their answersWhich questions do customers ask most often? Write a blog post to pose a customer question and then answer it. At The Slipcover Maker, Karen’s customers often wonder which fabrics make the best pet-proof slipcovers. On her blog, she answers that question with a detailed list of specific fabrics that stand up to fido with grace and aplomb. What’s more? The post’s comment section makes for an excellent forum to answer any follow-up question that readers may have.


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