Travelling to Africa, you might have a few different purposes for your journey, and with the different purposes will also raise the question of what to take. Africa is huge, and has an extensive variety of climates including tropical rainforests, humid sub-tropical, Mediterranean, savannah, dry steppe, desert, highland and marine. In Africa, the weather is extremely diverse depending on the region, and can range from the record low of -24°C, to the record high of 57.8°C.The rule of travelling is to take as little as possible depending on the climate and the time of your travel. A safe list of clothing to take is below, to get you on your way Long-sleeved shirts/blouse, T-Shirts, Swim gear, Shorts, Light long pants, Skirts/Dresses, Travel towel or sarong, Set of Cotton socks, Well broken in hiking boots, Trainers/runners or slip on shoes, Insect repellents. South Africa’s weather can get very cold in winter, so the further south you plan on venturing the warmer you will want to stay. Lastly, do not forget to visit your Doctor/GP and ask advice for vaccinations before going to Africa.Contact EHabla Travel for luxury African Safari Packages.


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