849/5000Pellet stove Ravelli Nordic FireNatura 7 (€ 500 grant€ 2,499.00The Natura 7 pellet stove is ideally suited for heating in both small and large spaces thanks to the fully concealed fan as desired, which makes the Natura 7 virtually noiseless. Also, this pellet stove is standard with extensive touch remote control. Due to the large pellet reservoir the stove can burn for a long time without replenishing. Technical data Note: Nordic Fire Model: Natura Color: Bronze, white or black Yield: 94.6% Size HxBxD: 104x50x52 Pellet consumption: Min. 0.5 KG / U - Max 1.5 KG / U Power: Min 2.5 KW - 7.2 KW Burner: Cast ironFeatures Mouth without cleaning Fully automatic cleaning Natura 7 almost completely soundless


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