Official Music Video for Gum Band by Life Is Short (Punk Rock 2017 Punk band from Pittsburgh) FFO punk music, The Story So Far, and State Champs etc.Hello! We are a Pop Punk band from Pittsburgh! Gum Band was such a fun shoot for the band (Life Is Short) to film! We were going for what we thought our take of Pop Punk music would be. Or what Pop Punk Rock 2017 would sound like to us. We think we sound a lot like punk music like The Story So Far and State Champs. Let us know in the comments what other kind of Pop Punk music or punk band (other than The Story So Far and State Champs) you think we sound like!LyricsDont come at me like youre gonna do something youre hard when you text but to my face youll do nothing run away when Ive got something to say the gloves are off round one youve got me cornered round two youre flat on the floor round three youll never make it no youll never make it to threeyoull always take take take a chance and never make make make amends youre like a break break break up with your fake make up a front for how you are the glove are off oh


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