Free MLM Network Marketing Recruitment Tip Discussing Jobsby sales-psychology expert, online and offline marketing consultant, SEO and local SEO specialist, author, automation expert and website designer and builder J. Richard Kirkham [email protected] #FreeNetworkMarketingTips #FreeSalesTechniqueTipsPeople by nature are defensive when you speak negatively about their careers or jobs (journey on to broke). Many network marketers soon discover this when they try to recruit a prospective network marketer by slamming his/her job. Suddenly the guy who has hated his/her job for years finds good things to say about it!Okay Rick, How Do I Talk To a Prospect Without Pissing Him/Her Off?http://onlineofflinepromotions.com/index.php/topic,34.msg40.html#.PleaseCopyFromTheLinkUpToShareWithGroupsPlease Copy From The Link Up To Share With Social Media Groups


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