zor-sharp teeth revealed, and his pawlifted as he inched closer to her. On Feet Mens Adidas Springblade Razor Black Orange TrainersThe five feet separating them wasnrsquo;tfar enough.Leaves crunched and she turned her On Feet Mens Adidas Springblade Razor Orange Black Trainershead slowly in the direction of thesound, this time expecting the sight of a second wolf that appeared nextto a big rock. A third one followed close on his tail. They growled,their intent to attack obvious. She panted, sweat trickled down herbody, and her gaze lifted to the closest tree she nearly touched. Shehoped the branch hung low enough for her to reach.It took every ounce of her waning strength to surge to her feet andleap. Her father had given her very few of his traits but the one thatmight give her more time to live kicked in as her hands gripped the limband her bare foot flattened on the bark. Something hairy brushed herother leg a


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