The natural diversity of Canada’s landscapes and their fantastic beauty are the main reasons why millions of tourists visit Canada every year. If you are planning a trip to this incredible place, we recommend a few spectacular cities to visit.Whether you arrive during the summer or winter, Whistler is a sports destination that will keep you busy and active. Edmonton is a city in the Alberta province that welcomes all lovers of festivals, shopping, and arts. Alberta itself is a home for 5 of Canada’s 17 UNESCO Heritage sites, so when you aren’t exploring galleries or museums, you can go on a trip around the provinceThe city of Regina hosts the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Academy and Heritage Center. If you want to get a taste of something that is ‘true Canada’, you must see the Sergeant Major’s Parade. The Francophone population of the country is centered in this province, and Old Quebec is one of the most amazing UNESCO Heritage sites in the North America. This town in the Manitoba province gives you a chance to observe the migration of polar bears. The viewing season is October to November.


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